"Dear friends.... As you may have noticed, we have closed the 310 E Howard location in Decatur. We are moving, right down the street to 614 Church St, on the corner of Church and Commerce. We hope to open for service on the first of July. We are excited to have indoor seating, there will be a bar, not to mention AC in the summer and heating in the winter! We are keeping the same telephone number (404) 377-9121 which should be connected on the 18th of May.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported Las Brasas for the eight years we spent at the E. Howard location and hope to see you at 614 Church St. Very special thanks to Mary and Joe, Trey, Stuart and Community Q, Bryan, Jesse, Matt and Miles and everyone at Kimball House, Umberto and everyone at Twisted Soul, and Teri and Elver"







Tel: (404) 377-9121